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Our Philosophy

IKO Collective Manifesto


IKO was born out of the desire to create an anchor for young people as they navigate the turbulent waters of their pre-teen and teenage years. 

We are passionate about helping young people build self-confidence, become self-assured and treat themselves as they would a best friend. IKO is an Australian, women-owned, cruelty free, vegan company.                                       

IKO cares about clean, natural ingredients that care for you. Our range of personal care products are scientifically formulated with nutrient dense formulas from fruit and plant extracts, essential oils and herbs which support and work hand in hand with the natural functions of our skin. IKO believes self-care practices play a central role in the well-being equation and an integral role in supporting adolescent mental health. 

Our products help adolescents to build a compassionate and caring relationship with themself by encouraging daily self-care activities. 

Scientific studies show that a child’s sense of self-love is taught, it is not a given. 

We know self-care practices are a proven and effective way to help young people become more in touch with their emotional and physical needs.                              

These practices grow stability and resiliency in the rapidly changing world of a teenager. 

They help to decrease stress, improve relationships and equip them with skills that will help manage future stressors in healthy and effective ways.  

It is IKO’s mission to give tweens and teens a way to fill their hearts and be their own best friend. There’s something in IKO for everybody to help ‘You do you’.  


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